ESL for the health sciences

With four other newly hired faculty teachers and our program directory at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, I helped develop an ESL program for the recent influx of ESL international students, many from Saudi Arabia, who were admitted into the college to pursue degrees in the health sciences. Below are some of the resources I created to help them bridge into their content classes.

Academic listening and speaking
This class was designed to prepare students with both the listening skills needed to understand the lecture-based classes in the sciences and also the speaking skills to engage in discussions and present information. The content in the class was entirely organized around science issues.
See class syllabus
See a sample lesson that supports students in delivering a persuasive presentation
See persuasive presentation assignment and rubric that accompanies it.

Expository writing
In contrast to the traditional college expository writing class with the readings organized around cultural issues - which can be very challenging for students not brought up in the American culture - I organized this class around science readings (and a film) that addressed controversial topics such as the nature of science, relationships between science and our physical bodies, and the ways science impacts our natural environment.
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See a sample lesson plan
See sample writing assignment for an argumentative synthesis essay and rubric that accompanies it.

Exploring the health sciences through film
This class was designed to use film as a way to explore cultural, ethical and medical issues in the health sciences. Class discussions and assignments focus on surface level issues such as idiomatic language and plot as well as deeper issues such as representations of culture, health care, and disease. Students examine various ways of interacting in healthcare settings, gain insights into multiple aspects of healthcare cultures, and develop conversational, presentation and writing practices through course activities.
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