ESL through US history

I developed these resources while teaching an ESL content-based class on US History to first year students in an International Studies program at the Universidad de Azuay in Cuenca, Ecuador. Focusing on historical events in the U.S. from the end of WWll to the end of the Cold War, this course explores some of the political and cultural issues arising from the Cold War, including the Civil Rights movement, the youth movements and rebellion of the 60’s and the Latin-American experience in the US. These issues are introduced with short in-class readings and mini-lectures and longer assigned readings accompanied with comprehension and vocabulary-building exercises. Students discuss these readings in class and are also given short writing assignments based on the readings and discussions that support them on developing effective sentence and paragraph construction. Students are also expected to present at least one oral presentation.

See the class syllabus
See a sample lesson plan that supports students in analzying a text on the Montgomery Bus Boycott