My work at Bunker Hill Community College

Both my teaching experience and research on best teaching practices have convinced me that academic content and English language skills are learned best when they are learned together. That belief has pushed me to take a leading role in the current ESL Program revision at Bunker Hill Community College. Below are summaries, reports, class descriptions and syllabuses that I have developed that are helping guide the ESL Program revision.

Overview of the ESL Program revision at BHCC

BHCC Research Findings on Best Practices for Teaching ESL
See the final report I wrote after 3 months of team research on best ESL teaching practices which has helped guide the ESL Program revision.

Immigrant Experiences in Chelsea
See the overview and syllabus for a cluster course I developed with my co-teacher, Aurora Bautista, that links an integrated reading/writing ESL class with Sociology-101 and frames the learning around immigrant issues in Chelsea.

Culture, Language and Learning
See the syllabus I developed for an ESL integrated skills class that supports students in exploring different theories and ideas around culture, language and learning - and the complex ways that they interact.

Immigrant Experiences in the US
See the syllabus I developed for an ESL integrated listening and speaking class that is completely framed around the students exploring issues around immigrant experiences.