ESL-Sociology paired class

Developed collaboratively with my co-teacher, Aurora Bautista, this cluster course links an integrated skills ESL class ESL-098/099 with Sociology-101 and frames the learning around exploring and analyzing immigrant issues. The city of Chelsea, a major gateway city for newly arrived immigrants, serves as the backdrop of this class against which students learn concepts such as culture, ethnicity, social class, ethnocentrism, stratification and forms of social change and then apply this learning through carrying out research in the Chelsea community. Designed for immigrant students, one goal of this class is for students to explore how their identity, culture and experiences in the US relate and connect with other immigrant groups in the US.

Aurora Bautista and I presented about our collaboration in this cluster course at TESOL Conference 2019 in a workshop titled "Breaking Down Borders: Linking ESL Classes to Content Credit Classes". Click below to see the handout and slide show we prepared.
Slide show