Thematic lesson plans

How did I develop these lessons? How can you use these lessons?
I developed these lessons according to the unique characteristics of the different ESL classes I have taught over the past 10 years. Read more.

Accessing these lessons and materials
When you click on a specific lesson, you will see a page that describes the lesson context, overview and objectives, and at the bottom of the page the lesson plan and materials attached as documents.

The Duck and the Moon
This lesson supports ESL students in engaging with a folk tale, reflecting on it, and then creating a safe space for risk-taking in the classroom.

Analyzing images of motherhood in La Llorona
Students compare and contrast the ways motherhood is depicted in 2 different texts on the Mexican folktale La Llorona.

Investigating your carbon Footprint
Students investigate global warming, determine their carbon footprint using the internet and reflect on ways to reduce their footprint.

The following lesson plans are in the process of being uploaded

Helping your child succeed at school
This lesson supports students in identifying and evaluating both school-identified and their own strategies for helping their children succeed in school.

Learning reading strategies
This lesson supports ESL students in both conceptualizing and using prediction questions for when they read to their child.

Exploring leadership
Framed around texts by or about immigrants who “spoke out”, this lesson supports students in exploring issues of leadership in their own lives.

Getting a job
This lesson prepares students for describing their skills and experience, filling out a job application, and locating and responding to job listings on the internet.

Knowing your rights as workers
This lesson was collaboratively developed with Mujeres Unidas y Activas and integrates ESL learning and activities into a workshop on knowing your rights as workers.

ESL learners as interpreters of health data
This lesson supports students in interpreting focus group data from immigrant mothers discussing their ideas and challenges in keeping their children healthy.

Advocating in your child’s school
Using a student letter as a springboard, this lesson plan supports students in evaluating their children’s school cafeteria.